We Are Now In Mexico!

Latest updated: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Equus Products Inc., Innova Electronics Corp., a leading manufacturer of diagnostic equipment and specialized tool, with over 45 years of experience; manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Taiwan and China, and a 70% in the U.S. market has come to Mexico!

Innova Mexico offers a wide range of products for each specialist. Innova Mexico offers such tools as automotive scanner, gauges, electrical testers, digital multimeters, and many other products to make accurate diagnoses quickly and easily.

After 3 years of research and tests carried out directly by our ASE certified technicians, we present the automotive scanner 3230mx.

Our scantool, 3230mx, is specially designed and developed to meet the needs of the Mexican vehicle fleet, 100% in Spanish and with 3 years of free upgrades!

Do not waste time; get fault codes with specific definition entirely in Spanish!

The 3230mx scantool has great vehicle coverage and easy to use. For technicians, it allows you to:

  • Perform diagnostics on the vehicle's major systems: engine, transmission, brakes and air bags with broader market coverage.
  • Access to American cars, Asian, European and Latin American and light diesel vehicles.
  • View the 25 most important values in your screen patented all-in-one
  • View the vehicle’s system status, emission monitors, and many other tests.

Innova Mexico gives you all the benefits of the brand:

  • Support and service center directly in Mexico.
  • An extensive network of professional distribution.
  • Products of the highest quality in the automotive market.

Know our products and verify that with Innova…Diagnostics are made easy!