Digital Multimeters

INNOVA® Hands-Free™ DMM (10 MegOhm)Part#3300

  • Your personal home & auto electrical tester. Use this versatile and affordable tester to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems.
  • 10 MegOhm circuitry prevents damage to sensitive automotive electronics.
  • Includes wrist-mounted band, stand and lead holders to free up hands for testing.
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Auto-Ranging DMMPart#3320

  • Auto-Ranging™ scales eliminate the need to dial in the correct range when making electronic measurements
  • 10 MegOhm input impedance for safe automotive and household uses (i.e., household outlets, fuses, wiring, general-purpose batteries, vehicle battery & charging system, automotive circuits and more)
  • Large digital display
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Automotive DMM™ (10 MegOhm / UL)Part#3340a

  • Pro quality features help pinpoint engine problems
  • Auto-Ranging, auto shut-off, over-load protection
  • Measures inductive RPM pickup and vehicle RPM (including Coil On Plug vehicles)
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DMM Inductive AMP ProbePart#3347

  • Ideal for testing alternator output, starter and battery current draw and all other electrical wiring circuits
  • Operating range 0-600 AMP AC/DC
  • Designed to work with all Digital Multimeters
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Kit de accesorios de lujo para multímetro Part#3396

El Kit de accesorios de lujo para multímetro INNOVA es una herramienta fácil de usar, diseñada para ayudarle a verificar de manera segura el voltaje en cables o circuitos. Funciona con cualquier multímetro digital para aplicaciones eléctricas o electrónicas.

Úsela para verificar:

  • Circuitos y componentes (cableados y conectores).
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